Verdicts Gennia Bassett vs. Cincinnati Insurance

Henry County Georgia, Gennia Bassett v. Cincinnati Insurance

Gennia Bassett was involved in a car accident resulting in multiple fractures. She was airlifted to Grady Hospital, admitted to ICU and underwent successful surgery. She also required a tracheotomy.

In addition, Ms. Bassett suffered severe lacerations and bruises over her entire body and pain and soreness in her neck, back, legs, arms, shoulders and chest. She has also experienced weakness and numbness in her upper right extremity and in her right hand.

The parties settled prior to filing a lawsuit in the amount of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00), which was the maximum amount of insurance available under all policies. The at fault driver maintained a minimum liability policy. The settlement was paid by Mrs. Bassett’s employer’s policy who initially denied coverage.