Verdict Tractor Trailer Wreck

Tractor Trailer Wreck

This firm represented a twenty-four year old young man who ran out of gas while trying to exit I-675 on his way to a gas station. He pulled his vehicle into the emergency lane of the exit ramp. As our Client was exiting his vehicle, he was run down by a tractor trailer truck which had overshot the exit in an attempt to get onto the exit ramp, driven his eighteen wheel truck through the gore area of the exit ramp and all the way into the opposite side emergency lane, where our Client was injured.

The front right tire of the eighteen wheel truck ran over our Client’s foot as he was trying to get out of the way of the fast approaching truck.

As a result of this, our Client suffered a crush injury to his foot which required surgery and follow up rehabilitation.

This firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of our Client and the case settled at mediation prior to trial in the amount of one million one hundred thousand dollars, ($1,100,000.00).