Verdict Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

This firm represented a twenty-two year old young man which Plaintiff’s contended suffered a misdiagnosed torsion. This firm’s Client, was a twenty-two year old young man who had been chopping wood all afternoon with his father. Following this, the Client noticed that one of his testicles began swelling and was painful. The Client went to the emergency room where he was prescribed antibiotics and returned home. He was told that if the swelling did not go down in 48 hours, he should return to his primary care doctor. As the swelling increased over the next day, the Client returned to the emergency room as his primary care doctor’s office was not opened on the weekend.

On the second visit to the emergency room, Plaintiff was again released home and told that if the swelling did not go down by the next day to follow up with his doctor.

The following day Plaintiff followed up with his primary care doctor who immediately sent him to an urologist at Piedmont Hospital. The urologist at Piedmont Hospital diagnosed the Client with what is known as a testicular torsion, which is a condition which results in loss of blood supply and, ultimately, a necrosis or death of the testicle.

Surgery was performed to remove the necrotic testicle and this firm brought suit on behalf of the Plaintiff to recover damages against the emergency room physician and hospital for failure to properly assess and diagnose the torsion.

This lawsuit was settled in an amount that the hospital and emergency room insisted on being confidential.