Civil Rights – Race Discrimination

Civil Rights/Race Discrimination

This firm represented a gentleman named Tommy Trimiar who was a long-time employee of a well- known and well-established corporation in Georgia. Mr. Trimiar’s co-workers initiated a class action lawsuit against the employer, but Mr. Trimiar opted out of the class and hired this firm to file a lawsuit on his behalf.

This firm filed a lawsuit in Federal Court claiming that Mr. Trimiar had been subjected to racially hostile work environment during his years of employment with the Defendant company.

This case proceeded to trial where this firm elicited testimony from numerous witnesses that Mr. Trimiar was the brunt end of many racially offensive jokes, ridicule, and generally racially hostile working environment. Mr. Trimiar was the only African-American employee at the particular facility complained of and several former white employees courageously testified on Mr. Trimiar’s behalf to support his allegations.

Following approximately one week of trial in Federal Court, the jury began deliberations and during that time the parties reached a settlement which the Defendant’s insisted on being confidential.

Following this settlement, Mr. Trimiar no longer works for the Defendant company and is retired and living in northeast Georgia with his wife.