Atlanta Product Liability Attorney

Dangerous or defective products can cause consumers to suffer serious illnesses or injuries. Fortunately, product liability laws exist in order to ensure that these wronged individuals are not forced to pay for the consequences of these injuries on their own. Every consumer has a right to expect that the products they use are functional as well as safe, and when this expectation is violated, the entity at fault should be held accountable for the resulting pain and suffering.

Injuries from unsafe products can result in a number of difficult, frustrating consequences, but victims should not be forced to bear these burdens on their own. If you have been the victim of a serious injury caused by a defective product, the experienced attorneys of Ausband & Dumont understand what you may be going through, and we are dedicated to helping injury victims hold product designers and manufacturers accountable for their negligent or reckless conduct.

Product Liability Cases We Handle

Product liability cases can involve virtually any type of commercially available product, and at Ausband & Dumont, our skilled lawyers have over 18 years of experience helping individuals with cases involving:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Defective household appliances
  • Toxic food products and containers
  • Dangerous childcare products and toys
  • Defective vehicles
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects

These and other types of product liability cases can cause life-altering injuries. However, by holding a careless product designer or manufacturer responsible for your damages, you can not only secure the remuneration you need but also help to protect others from this negligence in the future.

Contact a Product Liability Lawyer in Atlanta

If you have been the victim of injuries caused by a dangerous or defective product, there are steps you can take to pursue financial compensation for your losses. Contact the dedicated lawyers with Ausband & Dumont at (404) 812-0051 today to speak with a qualified member of our legal staff about your case and learn more about what your rights and options under the law may be.