Personal Injury FAQs

Q. Will my case go to trial?
A.Most cases are settled prior to trial or are resolved more quickly and cost-effectively through dispute resolution, like mediation and arbitration. Generally, only the large cases or highly disputed cases end up being tried before a jury or judge. At Ausband & Farr, our extensive experience allows us particular foresight in determining what process will be the most advantageous to you. Whatever the case, we will discuss all available options with you.

Q. How long will it take to complete my case?
A.Each case is different. Delay can be caused by a variety of factors:
• Crowded court dockets
• Difficulty in obtaining medical documentation
• Difficulty in obtaining testimony from witnesses
These and other factors play a part in how quickly a case can be resolved. Taking a case to trial, in general, takes a long time. Settlement, mediation or arbitration may significantly speed up the resolution of a case.

Q. Will my case be settled without my approval?
A.No. We discuss valid settlement offers with you in every instance, and no settlement offer will be accepted without your approval.

Q. How do I know if a settlement amount is fair?
A.We will make recommendations to you and try to clearly explain the reasons for the recommendations. Because we have extensive experience in settling cases and are familiar with what juries and judges generally award in similar cases, our recommendations can be trusted.

Q. How much will it cost me to file a lawsuit?
A.After determining that a case has merit, we take the case on a contingency basis. You pay no legal fee or expenses until we have successfully resolved your claim at trial or in settlement.