3D-printing from home may not be protected by product liability laws

In a report released by the Stanford Report on Thursday, December 12, an associate professor at Standford, Nora Freeman Engstrom, stated that victims of injuries caused by 3D-printed products created at home would likely have to rely on negligence-based lawsuits rather than those based on strict product liability.

3-D printing, which is already affordable, gives everyone the ability to create products from digital designs, even from home. Engstorm’s research, which was published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, highlights the problem that people who have been injured by goods manufactured through at-home 3D-printing face: not being covered by U.S. strict product liability laws, which only deals with products sold by commercial sellers.

Engstrom states it is easier for a plaintiff to win in a product liability case than in a negligence-based case because the individual has no duty to prove the maker’s negligence.

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